Lentil & ricotta Salad


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Our carefully balanced meals provide a mixture of good quality protein, carbohydrate, healthy fats and other essential micro nutrients. Our food is made using real ingredients, and without endless additives and artificial colours and flavours - you'll actually recognise the ingredients for each meal!

This vegetarian meal has a mix of vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, lentils, fresh herbs, topped with roasted pumpkin and seasoned with our house made dressing and packaged for optimum freshness.

Lentil Salad with ricotta cheese
Servings per package: 1 Serving size: 350g
Carbohydrates Protein Fats total Sodium Sugars Calories
20g 10.5g 10.5g 337.5mg 3.5g 216
INGREDIENTS: lentils,chicken stock,bay leaf,large carrot,celery,thyme,parsley,garlic,Dijon mustard,honey,salt,pepper,lemon juice,olive oil,Ricotta cheese
STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Keep refrridgerated, once opened consume or refridgerate.