(New) Gluten Free Box

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This box contains 10 Gluten Free (celiac friendly) meals, making your life easier. You canchoose any variation of the meals below.

1- Chicken Paimigiana on sweet potato with veg

2- Chicken Tikka Masala on Cauliflower puree

3- Braised Beef with sweet potato and Vegies

4- Paleo Beef stew on sweet potato mash

5- Mango Chicken on coconut cauliflower rice with vegetables

6-  Paleo Sheppherds pie served with vegetables

7- Turkey Meatballs on vegetable pasta

8- Satay Chicken on brown rice and quinoa with vegetables

9- Beef Meatballs served on vegetable pasta

10- Jacket Sweet Potato with turkey chilli concarne

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