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Fueling right can be really tough.

Meal Machines takes away all of that mess and noise and provides incredibly delicious, nutritious pre-packaged meals. 

We also provide supremely well-balanced supplements for those who train, and those who simply want to eat better when they’re in a rush. Look out for our vending machines, or we can deliver our meals to you direct. Easy!


What makes us unique for business owners?

We make it simple. We take all the best aspects of vending and make it simple to add a fantastic and convenient feature to your business.

We’ll provide you machines, free of charge, install it for free on your site, and we’ll even come and run workshops on nutrition to help people discover the best ways to look after their health and wellbeing. 

A culture of fitness is a healthy one - you can actively encourage and build this in your business or workplace with a Meal Machine.

Meal Machines gives you a simple way to encourage fitness and health in your location without having to spend big dollars on installation or machine leases to try out this innovative new idea.


A genuine partnership.

We’re here to become a valuable business partner - we appreciate what you bring to this equation, we can’t do this without you. 

We think we can provide a valuable point of difference for you, and help build a culture and a positive attitude towards health and wellbeing in your business. 

Much like you, our goal is to build a home grown business model that is sustainable that also rewards you for your trust in our brand.  

We want to align ourselves to your needs and have some exciting ideas for how we can best partner with your business.




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