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Bargain Meal Pack (Only $9.00 Per Meal)


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At Meal Machines we strive to offer meals that appeal to everyone. We have added the following six items to refresh our menu. These meals are super tasty and very affordable. Enjoy!!

Meals in other packs can not be substituted into this pack however meals in this pack can be substituted into other packs.

2 x Shepherds Pie with Veg (Peas & Carrots)

Carb 7.6g, Pro 27.4g, Fat 43.4g, Cal 492.

2 x Spaghetti Bolognese.

Carb 83g, Pro 48g, Fat 30g, Cal 834.

2 x White Fish with Mash Veg & Butter Sauce (Peas & Carrots)

Carb 41g, Pro 34g, Fat 19g, Cal 488.

2 x Butter Chicken & Rice.

Carb 37.8g, Pro 35.8g, Fat 34.9g, Cal 616.

2 x Beef Stroganoff with Potato Gratin & Veg (Peas Carrots)

Carb 31g, Pro 14g, Fat 11g, Cal 280

2 x Beef Rissoles with mash Veg & Onion Gravy (Peas & Carrot)

Carb 49.9g, Pro 52.9g, Fat 27.1g, Carb 675.

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