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Oceana 10 meal challenge pack

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Keto Meals

Keto satay chicken- net carbs 9g, fibre 6g, fat 39g, protein 30g, cal 521

keto burgers - net carbs 10g, fibre 5g, fat 78g, protein 42g, cal 923

keto turkey meatballs - net carbs 11g, fat 14g, protein 30g, cal 206

Keto chicken curry - net carbs 7g, fibre 9g, fat 57g, protein 32g, cal 684

Keto beef meatballs- net carbs 3.5g, fat 17.9g, protein 31.4g, cal 290


Low Fodmap Meals

Roast chicken & Veg - net carbs 13g, fibre 1g, fat 14g, protein 29g, cal 300

Chicken casserole - net carbs 11g, fibre 1g, fat 20g, protein 11g, cal 233

Potato & eggplant curry - net carbs 14g, fibre 4g, fat 4g, protein 3g, cal 97

Sweet potato lamb fritters - net carbs 33.2g, fat 27.3g, protein 24g, cal 465 

Beef cheeks on creamy mash - net carbs 56.2g, fat 14.2g, protein 35.6g, cal 523


Gluten Free

Chicken tikka masala -  net carbs 5.9g, fat n18g, protein 55g, cal 415

Salmon on vegetable pasta - net carbs 6g, fat 52g, protein 46g, cal 684

Satay chicken on cauliflower rice - net carbs 8g, fat 39g protein 21g, cal 458

White fish on cauliflower mash - net carbs 6g, fat, 28g, protein 36g, cal 416

Parma on vege pasta - net carbs 14g, fat 33g, protein 53.7g, cal 55

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